Shaheen Afridi Statement Sparks Crisis Talks in Pakistan Cricket

Shaheen Afridi Statement Controversy: Pakistan Cricket Board Calls Crisis Talks

KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will hold crisis talks Monday after replaced captain Shaheen Afridi reportedly denied he had made comments backing new skipper Babar Azam that were quoted in a PCB statement.

Shaheen Afridi Statement Sparks Crisis Talks in Pakistan Cricket

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB): This refers to the governing body of cricket in Pakistan, responsible for organizing and managing cricket activities in the country.

Calls Crisis Talks: This indicates that the PCB has initiated or scheduled discussions or meetings to address a critical situation or problem within the cricketing context. “Crisis talks” typically imply urgent and serious discussions aimed at resolving issues.

After Shaheen Afridi Statement Controversy: This part highlights the reason for the crisis talks, which is a controversy sparked by statements attributed to Shaheen Afridi, a prominent Pakistani cricketer. The controversy likely involves his statements regarding another player or a decision within the cricketing structure, leading to significant debate or disagreement.

After dropping Babar as captain over last year’s World Cup flop, the PCB on Sunday reinstated him as white-ball captain, replacing Shaheen Shah after less than five months in charge.

The PCB statement said Shaheen Shah had “nothing but respect” for the returning skipper.

Babar Azam back as Pakistan’s captain in white-ball cricket

“I will try to help him on and off the field. We are all one,” Afridi was quoted as saying.

But a source close to Shaheen Shah denied he had signed off on the statement that implied a harmonious transfer of the top job.

The source added he resented being replaced after being in charge for just one Twenty20 series.

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“This is not Shaheen’s statement and he has contacted the PCB to clarify this,” the source told AFP.

“Shaheen will meet PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi on Monday.”

The PCB issued a statement confirming that Naqvi, who is also the country’s interior minister, would visit Pakistan team training in Kakul on Monday, without mentioning Afridi.

Fast bowler Afridi led Pakistan to a 4-1 loss in a Twenty20 Series in New Zealand in January.

Afridi also captained Lahore Qalandars as they finished last in the T20 Pakistan Super League that ended two weeks ago.

Pakistan next play New Zealand in a five-match home Twenty20 series, followed by matches in Ireland and England.

The T20 World Cup takes place in the United States and West Indies in June.

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