How to Get Your Emirates ID Card in UAE: Step-by-Step Guide

UAE Launches Emirates ID Facility Tailored for Pakistani Expats

DUBAI – Pakistani nationals residing in the United Arab Emirates must now obtain the Emirates ID card from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security-ICP, a mandatory requirement.

Possessing the Emirates ID card grants access to a range of government services, while not having it can lead to difficulties.

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Recently, the UAE authorities streamlined the Emirates ID issuance process, reducing it to a single step and eliminating six mandatory fields. Now, all information is automatically populated when the customer enters their last registered address.

Additionally, customers no longer need to provide a photo for passport services when applying for the Emirates ID. The system automatically retrieves customer data and photos, with an option to change the photo if needed.

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Furthermore, the authority introduced online payment channels like Apple Pay and Google Pay, simplifying payment processes and reducing the number of payment entry fields.

This facility extends to all residents of the UAE, providing a more convenient and efficient ID card issuance experience.

Online updates By utilizing the authority’s user-friendly digital platforms, including their official website and smart application, residents now have the convenience of quickly updating their residency details.

This includes making changes to personal information, updating professional titles, revising passport details, and updating nationality after acquiring a new citizenship.

Accessing these services is simple. Users can log in to the authority’s website or the UAEICP smart app using their UAE Pass or username credentials.

Once logged in, users can enter the necessary application details and proceed with the required payments. Alternatively, applicants can also visit authorized customer service centers or approved typing offices.


To begin the process, applicants need to provide the following documents:

A recent personal photo A copy of their passport A sponsor’s signed data amendment request Copies of both sides of the Emirates ID card The total fee for this service is AED200, which includes AED100 for smart services, AED50 for processing, and AED50 for e-services and federal authority fees.

However, incomplete or incorrect documentation will result in rejection within 30 days.

Applications returned three times for the same reasons will also be rejected. In such cases, only the issuance fees and applicable financial guarantees will be refunded.

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Refunds will be made to the original credit card within six months from the application date. Alternatively, checks or bank transfers can be arranged with eligible banks within the country, with a redemption window of five years.

The authority notes that these regulations are subject to change without prior notice.


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