FBR Cash Incentives for LEAs and Intelligence Teams in Intercepting Smuggled and Non-Duty Paid Vehicles


FBR Incentivizes LEAs and Intelligence Teams for Intercepting Smuggled and Non-Duty Paid Vehicles

Islamabad: In a noteworthy development, officers from law enforcement agencies and intelligence organizations are set to receive well-deserved cash rewards, courtesy of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), for their commendable efforts in combating smuggling activities and successfully seizing non-duty paid vehicles.

The FBR, in a recent announcement on Wednesday, disclosed that it has taken steps to amend the Reward Rules of 2012, with a view to enhancing the recognition and encouragement of officers engaged in anti-smuggling initiatives.

In the updated regulations, the FBR has delineated refined eligibility criteria for these rewards, specifying that officers and officials from a spectrum of law enforcement and intelligence agencies will be eligible for rewards if they actively assist the Customs department or play a pivotal role in the confiscation of smuggled goods and vehicles. The confirmation of their noteworthy contributions will be provided by the respective Collectorate of Customs.

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It is noteworthy that the disbursal of rewards is contingent upon the realization of duty and taxes involved in the relevant cases, as underscored by the FBR. This strategic approach aims to ensure that the rewards are tied to successful outcomes, further motivating law enforcement personnel to effectively combat smuggling while contributing to the revenue collection process.

This proactive move by the FBR is being hailed as a significant step towards not only acknowledging but also incentivizing the dedication and success of law enforcement personnel in their relentless efforts to tackle smuggling and uphold the integrity of duty and tax collection processes.

The FBR’s role is pivotal in shaping the fiscal landscape of Pakistan, and its policies and initiatives have a direct impact on the country’s economic development. The board continuously strives to strike a balance between ensuring compliance and creating a tax environment conducive to business growth.

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