Bank Alfalah Launches Pakistan’s First Digital Payment Centers

Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah Launches Pakistan’s First Digital Payments Hubs for Small Businesses, Pioneering Financial Inclusion and Innovation

Bank Alfalah, a trailblazer in the commercial and digital banking landscape, proudly introduced Pakistan’s premier Digital Payments Sales and Service Centers. These strategic hubs, strategically positioned in the dynamic Badar Commercial DHA and bustling Disco Bakery Gulshan in Karachi, are designed to seamlessly cater to the payment acceptance and financing needs of merchants and small-scale businesses within the digital ecosystem.

During the launch event, Dr. Inayat Hussain, the Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, emphasized the imperative role of digitization in advancing inclusive banking in Pakistan. He underscored the State Bank of Pakistan’s commitment to driving this transformative journey in collaboration with banks, promoting the adoption of digital payment channels and innovative concepts such as digital payments sales and service centers for the financial ease of the people.

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Atif Bajwa, President and CEO of Bank Alfalah, underscored the bank’s unwavering commitment to delivering relevant, convenient, and efficient banking services to customers. The introduction of Digital Payments Sales and Service Centers in market areas is a testament to the bank’s dedication to innovation. Bajwa emphasized that these centers offer comprehensive solutions, providing various self-services to meet the diverse needs of valued small business and merchant customers, ensuring accessibility at all times.

Bank Alfalah strategically positions these centers to align with its mission of universal accessibility to banking services, leveraging its digital prowess. The bank envisions expanding its footprint into other market vicinities and cities, extending the reach of its digital capabilities.

With a focus on fostering financial inclusion and reducing cash circulation in the economy, Bank Alfalah aims to extend its digital payment services to a broad spectrum of small businesses and merchants. The introduction of Digital Payments Sales and Service Centers marks a significant stride towards achieving these objectives.

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