Who Was Ebrahim Raisi ?

Ebrahim Raisi, a prominent figure in Iranian politics, has risen from humble beginnings in Qom to become a key player on the national stage in Tehran. His journey is marked by notable achievements, controversies, and a significant impact on Iran’s political landscape.

Who Was Ebrahim Raisi ?

Early Life and Education

Born in 1960 in the holy city of Qom, Ebrahim Raisi hails from a religious family. He began his religious studies at a young age, eventually becoming a cleric and obtaining a degree in Islamic law from the prestigious Qom Seminary. His early years in Qom laid the foundation for his deep-rooted understanding of Islamic principles and governance.

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Rise in Judiciary

Raisi’s career trajectory saw a significant shift when he entered the realm of judiciary. He served in various judicial roles, including as prosecutor in several provinces and eventually as the Attorney General of Iran. His tenure as Attorney General was marked by a strong stance against corruption and a reputation for upholding strict interpretations of Islamic law.

Presidential Aspirations

In 2021, Ebrahim Raisi made headlines globally when he won the Iranian presidential election. His victory was seen as a reflection of his conservative values and his appeal to a significant portion of the Iranian population. Raisi’s presidency is expected to shape Iran’s domestic and foreign policies significantly in the coming years.

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