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Empowering Innovation: Tech Leaders Rally for Increased Women’s Engagement for Unlocking Potential in the Industry

Unlocking Potential

Unlocking Potential: Tech Leaders Advocate for Increased Women’s Participation in Karachi’s IT Industry.

In a bid to harness the untapped potential of the country, IT trainers and entrepreneurs in Karachi are rallying for greater involvement of women in the tech sector. Historically male-dominated, the tech industry in Pakistan has seen a significant gender gap, leaving women underrepresented in both workforce and leadership roles.

SI Global Solutions CEO, Noman Said, emphasized the need for targeted mentorship programs, inclusive educational policies, and a supportive ecosystem to break down gender barriers. Advocating for equal opportunities, he pointed out the impact of increased gender diversity at the corporate level on skill diversity and reduced gender discrimination, ultimately enhancing talent recruitment.

Yasmin Dadabhoy, CEO of Troy Group of Companies, stressed the necessity for STEM scholarships, mentorship initiatives, and networking events to boost women’s participation. Highlighting the importance of diversity policies, showcasing female role models, and supporting flexible work arrangements, Dadabhoy underscored the effectiveness of mentorship programs in building confidence among young women and fresh graduates, particularly in startups.

Despite the challenges faced by women in the IT sector, including gender bias, funding issues, leadership representation, work-life balance, and networking hurdles, initiatives such as “She Loves Tech” and “Women in Tech” in Pakistan are making strides towards fostering female inclusion in the startup ecosystem. Successful stories like Sehat Kahani securing $2.7 million in a Series-A funding round and other women-led startups like BusCaro, EduFi, and BizBi attesting to positive progress.

However, women-owned businesses in Pakistan still remain a minority, grappling with social expectations, limited access to funding, and a lack of support networks. To empower women, it’s crucial to ensure equal opportunities, address unconscious bias, and create an inclusive and supportive environment.

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