Wheat procurement in Punjab starts today

Lahore: Punjab’s Wheat Procurement Process Set to Begin Today with Bardana App Integration

The Food Department in Lahore is gearing up to kickstart the wheat procurement process this Saturday, allowing farmers to access bardana through the newly launched Bardana App, as announced by officials on Friday.

Wheat procurement in Punjab starts today

Starting from today (April 13) until Wednesday (April 17), farmers can submit their bardana applications via the Bardana app. Following this, bardana issuance will commence on April 19 (Friday), followed by the official start of wheat purchases on April 22 (Monday).

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After thorough verification by PITB and Punjab Land Record Authority, farmers will receive confirmation messages, and bardana distribution will be based on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Under this initiative, Punjab has established 393 wheat procurement centers, ensuring readiness for district-level wheat purchases. Farmers can expect a rate of Rs3,900 per maund for their wheat, along with delivery charges of Rs30 per 100kg. Notably, small farmers with up to 6 acres of land are eligible for bardana acquisition, a move aimed at safeguarding their interests.

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Additionally, the Food Department has deployed dedicated teams for quality control and monitoring at each procurement center. These teams will oversee the entire process, ensuring fair practices and timely payments to farmers.

Furthermore, to streamline the procurement process, the department has collaborated with local transport providers to facilitate the transportation of wheat from farms to procurement centers, reducing logistical challenges for farmers.

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Overall, this comprehensive approach highlights Punjab’s commitment to supporting its agricultural community and ensuring a smooth and transparent wheat procurement process.

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