PTA Tax in Pakistan, Requirements for Passport and CNIC

PTA Tax in Pakistan

“Explore Apple iPhone Models: PTA Tax in Pakistan, Requirements for Passport and CNIC”

The new taxes on iPhones in Pakistan have got people talking. If you’re thinking of getting an iPhone there, it’s important to know about these taxes – how they’re calculated, what they mean, and how to pay them. This article breaks down the PTA rates for iPhones in an easy-to-understand way, covering all the important points and addressing common concerns and debates.

iPhone All Models PTA Tax Calculator With Passport and CNIC 2024

Sr.NoApple Device ModelTax on Passport (PKR)Tax on CNIC (PKR)
1iPhone 1167,30886,689
3iPhone 11 Pro93,180115,148
4iPhone 11 Pro Max96,860119,196
5iPhone 1275,45094,078
6iPhone 12 mini86,165107,432
7iPhone 12 Pro103,335125,205
8iPhone 12 Pro Max107,325130,708
9iPhone 1386,165107,432
10iPhone 13 mini90,880118,380
11iPhone 13 Pro105,658128,874
12iPhone 13 Pro Max110,373137,873
13iPhone 14107,325130,708
14iPhone 14 Plus113,075137,033
15iPhone 14 Pro122,275147,153
16iPhone 14 Pro Max131,130156,893
17iPhone 15107,325130,708
18iPhone 15 Plus113,075137,033
19iPhone 15 Pro135,300161,480
20iPhone 15 Pro Max148,500176,000


  • How can I avoid PTA tax on my iPhone in Pakistan?
    To bypass paying PTA tax on your iPhone, ensure that you acquire a smartphone officially imported and registered by PTA. Alternatively, if you bring your own phone (BYOP), register it with PTA within 60 days of arrival. Failure to register within the specified timeframe will result in a penalty in addition to the PTA tax.
  • How do I check the PTA tax on my phone?
    To verify the PTA tax on your phone in Pakistan, visit the PTA website and input your phone’s IMEI number. The website will indicate whether your phone is registered and, if so, display the corresponding PTA tax amount.
  • Has the PTA tax been removed?
    As of 2023, there is no official announcement regarding the removal of the PTA tax on smartphones in Pakistan. Until further notice from the government, it is prudent to assume that the PTA tax will persist.
  • How are PTA fees calculated?
    PTA fees hinge on the smartphone’s model and storage capacity. The government periodically announces PTA tax rates, which are subject to change. Calculate the PTA fees by multiplying the PTA tax rate by your smartphone’s storage capacity. For instance, if the PTA tax rate for a 128 GB iPhone is PKR 12,000, the PTA tax for a 256 GB iPhone will be PKR 24,000.
  • Is PTA tax exempt in Pakistan?
    No, PTA tax is mandatory in Pakistan. Smartphone users bringing their devices into the country or purchasing phones not officially imported and registered by PTA must pay this tax. The revenue generated from PTA tax contributes to various government initiatives and projects.
  • What determines the PTA tax price for iPhones in Pakistan?
    The PTA tax on iPhones in Pakistan is contingent on the model and storage capacity of the device.

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