Freelancers Empowered to Utilize Paypal Starting January 11th

PayPal and Stripe Pakistan

“Breaking News: Despite PayPal Absence in Pakistan, Dr. Saif Announces Agreement for Remittance Channelization Through Third Party”

“Government Resolves Freelancers’ Long-standing Demand: PayPal Remittance Channelization in Pakistan

In an exclusive revelation, Dr. Umar Saif, the caretaker federal minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, announced the government’s successful resolution of freelancers’ demands, allowing them to streamline remittances through the global gateway—PayPal.

During a discussion with a select group of journalists, Dr. Saif also disclosed that the Cabinet approved the National Space Policy, permitting private-sector companies to utilize low-orbit satellites for initiating satellite communication services.

Exciting Developments for Online Payments: Dr. Saif Anticipates Positive News on PayPal and Stripe Gateways in Pakistan

Dr. Saif shared insights into the upcoming digital initiatives by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, scheduled for the next week. These initiatives include remittance channelization through PayPal, offering smartphones on easy installments, and introducing standardized quality tests for IT graduates, aiming to position Pakistan as a prominent “Tech Destination.”

Despite PayPal’s Absence, Positive News on Remittance Channelization

While addressing the absence of PayPal in Pakistan, Dr. Saif affirmed that an agreement has been reached for the channelization of remittances through a third party. The formal launch ceremony for this initiative is scheduled for January 11.

Boosting IT Exports: Government Initiatives and a Push Toward $25 Billion

Highlighting government initiatives to boost IT and telecom sector exports, Dr. Saif revealed that the current exports stand at $2.6 billion. He emphasized that efforts to repatriate funds parked abroad have resulted in a 13% increase in export revenue in just one month.

Innovative Smartphone Accessibility Initiative: Latest Models on Easy Installments

Starting January 12, 2024, the Ministry, in collaboration with telecom stakeholders, will launch an initiative offering customers the latest smartphones on easy installments. Jazz, for instance, plans to offer iPhones on installments. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will implement a ‘contract-based smartphone policy’ starting January 15, blocking devices through DIRBS in case of installment failure.

Transformative Startup Fund: Unveiling the Ignite-National Technology Fund

Marking a pivotal moment in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial landscape, the Ministry is set to introduce the country’s first startup fund on January 9, 2024. The Ignite-National Technology Fund will oversee operations transparently, backed by a significant government allocation of Rs2 billion. Private investors and venture capitalists are expected to match this contribution, pledging an additional Rs10 billion for successful startup graduates.

Quality Education and Job Opportunities: HEC’s Standardized Tests

Addressing education concerns, Dr. Saif announced the Higher Education Commission’s plan to conduct standardized quality measurement tests across universities to enhance job opportunities for fresh graduates.

Revamping IT Education: Ministry Collaborates with Stakeholders

The Ministry has taken significant steps to revamp IT education in collaboration with HEC, the National Computing Accreditation Council, the Examination Testing Council, the Pakistan Software Export Board, and the Pakistan Software Houses Association.”

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