Apple Watches Now Accessible on the Official Website

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Explore the Latest in Tech: Apple Watches Now Directly Available on the Official Website

Apple Watches Back Online: Series 9 and Ultra 2 Now Accessible Following Temporary Sales Halt

Apple swiftly resumes online sales of its cutting-edge Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models, overcoming a brief hiatus imposed by a federal appeals court. Just one day after select Apple retail stores reinitiated sales on December 27, these sought-after models are now once again available on the official website, with broader in-store availability anticipated by the upcoming Saturday.

Apple Watches

This development transpired after the US International Trade Commission imposed a ban in response to Apple’s alleged patent infringement, particularly related to the blood oxygen saturation feature in Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. Originally removed from stores and the website last week in anticipation of the ban effective December 26th, Apple is currently appealing the decision and proposing design modifications to navigate the patent concerns.

While the ban appeal is underway, Apple has been granted temporary permission to resume sales until the US Customs and Border Protection deliberates on the proposed changes, with a decision expected by January 12th. Stay tuned for updates on the unfolding scenario around Apple’s innovative smartwatches.

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