Prize bonds

What is a Prize bonds & how does it work?

the Power of Prize Bonds: A Secure and Exciting Investment Opportunity Explained A prize bonds is a form of investment issued by the government or a financial institution. It is commonly used as a savings tool and a means of generating interest for the bondholder. Prize bonds are typically available in various denominations, and they…

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General Elections 2024

What’s New About Elections

Countdown to 8th February: Anticipating a Transformative Election in Pakistan’s History Amidst Financial Preparedness and Changing Media Dynamics Elections are approaching swiftly, scheduled for February 8th. As the famous English proverb goes, “There is many a slip between the cup and the lip,” but in this case, obstacles have been cleared, and the stage is…

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Punjab govt to distribute 10,000 e-bikes among students

Punjab govt to distribute 10,000 Electric Bikes among students

LAHORE: In a groundbreaking move to address environmental concerns in the provincial metropolis, the Punjab government has rolled out an ambitious plan to distribute 10,000 electric bikes among students from various educational institutions. This innovative initiative aims to usher in a new era of sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles to…

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